A holistic approach to nutrition.

A healthy baby requires well-nourished parents. In today’s toxic and stressful world, many couples are lacking the nutrients and well-being they need to conceive, carry and care for the baby of their dreams. Holistic nutrition helps restore health through nourishing foods, lifestyle guidance, practical application, and support.


Your baby's health begins many moons before you ever become pregnant and is greatly influenced by the diets of both parents. As a nutritional therapist, I support women and their partners through customized nutrition plans that boost fertility and prepares her body for the sacred journey ahead. Holistic Belly offers the 6-part Feed Your Fertile Body™ series for both individuals and/or couples that has had outstanding results with its participants.


Women come to me when they are ready to take their healthy pregnancy to a whole new level. Nutritional needs increase in order to meet the developmental needs of your baby. I am your trusted guide and teacher, inspirational coach and motivating friend. I provide the nutritional support and encouragement as you journey through the celebrated stages of motherhood. My gentle + simple holistic approach integrates body, mind and spirit as you prepare for your most sacred rite of passage: birth. Together, we customize a unique dietary and lifestyle plan that flows with your day-to-day and will be easy to maintain just for you.


New mamas experience so many changes in the first few months of motherhood, often selflessly neglecting themselves in the process. It's as important as ever that women in their fourth trimester are eating properly for breastmilk production, vitality and joy. Holistic Belly's postpartum program provides a peaceful balance to these hectic times.