A holistic approach to childbirth preparation. 

Join other expectant couples for an in depth preparation series for birth and parenthood. Based on the extraordinary book, Birthing From Within, by Pam England, this series gives parents the tools they need to welcome their new baby in love and awareness. 

Together, you and your partner will gain the skills, wisdom and confidence needed to navigate through your personal birth and postpartum experience. 

A variety of modalities are integrated in this engaging childbirth preparation series to help foster creative expression and self-discovery in a safe, nurturing atmosphere.

Class size is limited to 7 couples to individualize the unique needs of the participants. Reserve your space now. 

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You will learn about:

  • Creating a birth space that will help you open up in labor

  • Labor physiology

  • Understanding the landscape of labor

  • Effective coping practices and comfort measures

  • Building confidence between you and your partner

  • Effective communication with your birth team

  • How to surrender in labor

  • Working with worries and fears

  • How to ask questions and make decisions in labor

  • Compassionate use of drugs and interventions

  • Pushing the baby out

  • Celebrating the journey to parenthood as a rite of passage


6 Week Course

Weekend Intensive

If you cannot attend the scheduled group classes, we can customize your very own private childbirth class that fits your needs and timeline. Please inquire for rates.


This class was eye-opening and transformational.

"I found the book fascinating, but it wasn't until I took a Birthing From Within class while pregnant with my third child that I realized what an amazing approach this is, especially since I am not artistic and was a little apprehensive about the art. But the incredible insights I had!! And also seeing my husband's positive reactions and insights! I learned so much about his ideas and feelings about our upcoming birth. This class was eye-opening and transformational for both of us."  ~Cindy

It really helped me to stay in the moment and enjoy my birth experience.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I got out of my Birthing From Within class. It really helped me to stay in the moment and enjoy my birth experience even though it was not the home birth we planned. I swore I would never set foot in the hospital to give birth—that was my worst fear! But after 33 hours of labor, we went to the hospital and had the whole cascade of medical interventions we swore would never touch our baby. But I was able to still feel like it was my experience. Our class helped me to be present despite the medical interventions, and not feel guilty about it later." ~Jen


Birthing From Within differs from other certifying organizations in that our work is centered on helping professionals and parents turn inward to better understand their own motivations and fears, and to simultaneously discover their own inner resources and guiding forces.

As a Birthing From Within-trained childbirth educator and doula, I bring a depth of inquiry to parents in a variety of ways, including art,  mindfulness, visualizations, storytelling, ritual, and ceremony. The sessions guide parents through the unknown so that they can fully experience the transformation that birthing a baby brings. Birthing From Within also bring current evidence-based research into each session, building the bridges between ancient and modern knowing, myth and science, grit and grace.

Begin your journey into the laborynth.

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